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"A Rebel Born: The Sceenplay"

By Lochlainn Seabrook - 232 pages - Not Illustrated


Over the years, we’ve had so many requests for Lochlainn Seabrook’s screenplay, “A Rebel Born,” we decided to take the unusual step of turning it into a book and making it available to the public for the first time! This lightly illustrated 232-page work - printed as an actual full-length feature film script - includes Col. Seabrook’s complete, original, unedited screenplay, his introduction, a cast list, and an instructive note from the publisher.


Powerful and transformative, the script follows Southern icon Nathan Bedford Forrest from young adulthood to the closing years of his amazing action-packed life. Both entertaining and historically accurate, this sweeping Southern-oriented drama offers the reader a rare opportunity to see the War for Southern Independence from the viewpoint of the South, and on a more personal level, through the eyes of a patriotic American, celebrated Tennessean, and brilliant general.


Note: This is NOT the script for Christopher Forbes production of "A Rebel Born".

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"A Rebel Born: The Screenplay"

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