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"A Short History of the Confederate States of America"

By Jefferson Davis - 544 pages - Illustrated


If you want to know what actually occurred between April 12, 1861, and April 9, 1865, you will want to read this book. In it you will discover the true facts behind the conflict, all from the pen of one who not only lived through the War, but led the most remarkable republic in world history: Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederate States of America.This special reprint of Davis’ illustrated 1890 work, respectfully edited as well as beautifully designed by award-winning author-historian-artist Lochlainn Seabrook (SCV), overturns the Left’s fake Civil War history with easily demonstrable facts.

You will learn, for example, the real reasons why the Southern states seceded, why the Liberal North invaded the Conservative South, and why Southerners were so willing to risk everything for their cause. Revealed is a veritable mountain of factual, actionable, and prosecutorial evidence regarding Lincoln’s many unconstitutional acts and the countless war crimes committed by Union soldiers. Just as vital, Davis goes into great detail concerning the courage, partiotism, and determination of the Southern people as they struggled, sacrificed, fought, and died resisting their “implacable foe”: the Liberal Yankee. The reader will not miss out on a single word written by Davis, for Col. Seabrook has been careful to retain the Confederate president’s complete original text, notes, and illustrations. Along with a helpful “Notes to the Reader” section (that provides background on mid 19th-Century politics as well as his observations on Davis’ book), Col. Seabrook includes a riveting fact-packed introduction.

We believe this is the most attractive, informative, and easy-to-read edition of this book ever published. A vitally important work for all patriots, it will alter your view, not only of the War Between the States, but of America itself, the U.S. Constitution, states rights, and the Founding Fathers. In our ongoing crusade to preserve genuine Southern history, we are proud to offer this reprint to the public, arranged, edited, and artistically designed by President Davis’ cousin, a Sons of Confederate Veterans member and the author of 70 scholary books.

As with all Sea Raven Press reprints, not one word has been added to or subtracted from the original text.


PLEASE NOTE: The secondary picture is for the Hardcover Edition. Same interior.


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"A Short History of the Confederate States of America"

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