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"Abraham Lincoln: The Southern View"


By Lochlainn Seabrook - Illustrated Paperback - 654 pgs.


Nearly everything you’ve been taught about Abraham Lincoln comes from pro-North authors and publishers. So if you want to know who he really was, you’ll need to read about him from the South’s perspective. In "Abraham Lincoln: The Southern View", award-winning author, Lochlainn Seabrook provides an in-depth look at our sixteenth president as seen through the eyes of Dixie. 


Revealed is a man completely unknown to most Americans, both North and South; an unscrupulous demagogue and anti-Christian liberal who broke hundreds of laws; ignored and even subverted the Constitution; used money from the Yankee slave trade to fund his war; sanctioned the murder of both Southern blacks (who would not enlist in the Union army) and harmless Southern noncombatants (including women and children); had tens of thousands of innocent Northerners arrested, imprisoned, and sometimes tortured and executed without charge or trial; rigged the 1860 and 1864 elections; confiscated and destroyed private property; censored governmental debate over secession; and more. 


With nearly 3,000 footnotes and a 1,000-book bibliography, this, the fourth revised Civil War Sesquicentennial edition is an important, well documented work that will appeal to all those interested in authentic U.S. and Confederate history. You will never look at Lincoln or his War the same way again. 


The Foreword is by Clint Johnson, author of the bestseller "The Politically Incorrect Guide to the South".


About the Author: Lochlainn Seabrook is an American author of over 50 non-fiction, multi-genre titles, a celebrated Kentucky Colonel and a winner of the Jefferson Davis Historical Gold Medal.


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"Abraham Lincoln: The Southern View"

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