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"Aphrodite's Trade: The Hidden History of Prostitution Unveiled"


By Lochlainn Seabrook - 170 pages - Illustrated 

In "Aphrodite’s Trade" award-winning author and historian Lochlainn Seabrook takes the reader on a journey of discovery from the biological foundations of prostitution among early humans to its sacred functions in the religions of the ancient world, then onto its vital role as a commercialized occupation in the 21st Century.


Basing his findings on well established primatological, anthropological, sociobiological, mythological, and archaeological data, he reveals what few have dared contemplate: because prostitution began as a survival mechanism among our ancestors several million years ago, it is literally part of our DNA.  


Rather than expending valuable resources trying to suppress it, the libertarian author argues, society would be much better off understanding, accepting, and decriminalizing it.Back cover blurbs by Margo St. James (founder of COYOTE and St. James Infirmary), Carol Leigh (cofounder of ACT UP), Norma Jean Almodovar (founder of ISWFACE), and Dolores French (founder of HIRE).  


The Foreword is by Xaviera Hollander (author of the international blockbuster The Happy Hooker)

Initially published in 2011 by Sea Raven Press. Since then, we've recently updated the cover but the interior is essentially the same. 


"Aphrodite's Trade"

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