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"Authentic Victorian Ghost Stories: Genuine Early Reports of Apparitions, Wraiths, Poltergeists, and Haunted Houses"


By Lochlainn Seabrook -  368 pages - Illustrated


IF YOU ENJOY THE VICTORIAN ERA, tales of the otherworldly, and English history, you will love Authentic Victorian Ghost Stories: Genuine Early Reports of Apparitions, Wraiths, Poltergeists, and Haunted Houses, a comprehensive assemblage of over 300 reports hand-selected, compiled, and designed by award-winning historian Lochlainn Seabrook.


Generously illustrated with actual 19th-Century ghost photos, early paranormal experiments, and notable Victorian Spiritualists, this book is a must-own for all fans of the supernatural. The author—himself a lifelong experiencer of a wide variety of paranormal and anomalistic phenomena—includes an introduction, source notes, index, bibliography, and an appendix containing “Six Proofs That Ghosts Are Real.”



Subjects covered in this book: ghost stories, paranormal, haunted houses, life after death, parapsychology, Victorian society and culture.


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"Authentic Victorian Ghost Stories"

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