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"Britannia Rules: Goddess-Worship in Ancient Anglo-Celtic Society"


By Lochlainn Seabrook - 202 pages - Illustrated 


In this fascinating work Colonel Seabrook overturns the long-standing notion that the first Britons and Celts were “patriarchal” and that they worshiped a male “Heavenly Father.” Using the latest archaeological, anthropological, etymological, onomastic, historical, and mythological evidence, he shows that both the Anglo-Saxons and the Celts were matriarchal peoples who venerated the Supreme Being in female form.

This “Heavenly Mother” of the early Celto-Britons was none other than the universal “Great Goddess,” venerated around the ancient world under a myriad of names, and who manifested in ancient Egypt as Isis, in Judaism as Asherah, in Hinduism as Kali Ma, in Gnostic Christianity as Sophia, in orthodox Christianity as Mary, in Buddhism as Mara, and in the British Isles as Britannia.

In light of the overwhelming worldwide reemergence of feminine spirituality, the advent of the Goddess Reclamation Movement, the recent resurgence of British and American interest in traditional Anglo-Celtic culture, and the new found interest in the real relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Britannia Rules is a topical work; one that will be read with keen interest, not only by those readers who are of English and Celtic heritage, but by people of all nationalities and faiths. 

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Mr Seabrook's other titles include: "Jesus and the Gospel of Q" "Seabrook’s Bible Dictionary of Traditional and Mystical Christian Doctrines" "The Bible and the Law of Attraction" Christ Is All and In All: Rediscovering Your Divine Nature and the Kingdom Within"  "The Goddess Dictionary of Words and Phrases" "Princess Diana: Modern Day Moon-Goddess - A Psychoanalytical and Mythological Look at Diana Spencer’s Life, Marriage, and Death" (with Dr. Jane Goldberg) "Aphrodite’s Trade: The Hidden History of Prostitution Unveiled" "Carnton Plantation Ghost Stories: True Tales of the Unexplained From Tennessee’s Most Haunted Civil War House!" and "UFOs and Aliens: The Complete Guidebook"

"Britannia Rules"

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