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"Christ is All and In All: Rediscovering Your Divine Nature and the Kingdom Within"


By Lochlainn Seabrook - 120 pages - Illustrated


Mainstream Christianity today teaches that Jesus was the only divine person who ever lived. But this is not what Jesus Himself taught! Like all of the great spiritual leaders throughout history, the Master from Galilee preached the doctrine of Theosis, God in Man, maintaining that we are literal "gods" of our own inner realm. 


The Apostles, especially Paul and John, the Old Testament prophets, and every single one of the early Church Fathers, also vigorously upheld the concept of Theosis: humanity's oneness with God.  Due to its 2,000 year suppression by the institutionalized Church, however, most modern Christians are completely unaware of this wonderful and empowering doctrine. 


But all of that has changed. Bible scholar, Lochlainn Seabrook, has written this brief but stunningly powerful and revealing exploration of our Divine Nature and of what our Lord referred to as "the Kingdom Within." The title, taken from Paul's letter to the Jesus community at Colossae, perfectly reflects the contents of this revolutionary, life-altering work. 


In it you will learn the many secrets of Theosis, carefully withheld from the Christian laity for nearly 100 generations. These include what it is that makes you divine, why God purposefully created you this way, and how you can use this amazing fact to enhance your life. 


Mr. Seabrook also shows you how to do what Jesus called "enter the Kingdom of Heaven," a mystical but very real spiritual domain where "with God all things are possible," such as healing disease, attaining prosperity, and finding happiness. 


For academics and those interested in scriptural proof of Theosis, there are over 600 endnotes citing thousands of biblical passages, as well as copious quotes from the theosistic writings of ancient Church authorities, among them Irenaeus, Augustine, and Thomas Aquinas. 


An illustrated, beautifully designed, ecumenical work that can be read and understood by all Christians - whatever their personal views  - this book can also be enjoyed by non-Christians and even nonbelievers, for Theosis is not only a spiritual reality, it is also a scientific one. 

The foreword is by Dr. Jeremy Lopez, international teacher, motivational speaker, and author of The Power of the Eternal Now: Living in the I AM, whose Jesus ministry has been recognized by Christian leaders around the world. After reading "Christ Is All and In All" you will never look at yourself, Jesus, or Christianity the same way again. 


Please note: The hardcover cover is blue.


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"Christ is All and In All"

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