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"Everything You Were Taught About African Americans and the Civil War is Wrong"

By Lochlainn Seabrook - 476 pages, Illustrated


95% of Amazon reviewers gave this book five stars! 


The American Civil War was not fought over slavery; genuine slavery was never practiced in the American South; Confederate President Jefferson Davis adopted a black child during the War and planned on abolishing slavery nearly a year before the Union did; and U.S. President Abraham Lincoln intended the Emancipation Proclamation to be temporary and spent his entire adult life trying to deport blacks "back to Africa." 


These and a thousand other well researched but little known facts are clearly presented in this book by award-winning author and Southern historian Colonel Lochlainn Seabrook. Why have you never heard of these facts before? Because the Liberal enemies of the traditional, conservative South have been carefully suppressing them for the last 150 years. For if the truth were to get out, their fake "race war" would be exposed and the countless illegalities and crimes perpetuated by the North during Lincoln's unconstitutional assault on the American people and their inalienable rights would be revealed.


Mr. Seabrook divides his book into three convenient sections: "African-Americans Before Lincoln's War," "African-Americans During Lincoln's War," and "African-Americans After Lincoln's War," touching on a host of fascinating topics ranging from indigenous African slavery, white American slavery, and the birth of black American slavery in the North, to black Confederate soldiers, and the birth of the American abolition movement in the South.


The book includes hundreds of rare illustrations and photos, scores of eyewitness accounts, copious end-notes, a comprehensive index, and an exhaustive bibliography. 


The result of decades of study, this important historically accurate work, with its emphasis on racial unification, is a must-read. Not just for Civil War buffs and scholars, but for anyone seeking a deeper and more factual understanding of African-Americans and the Civil War without an anti-South bias. You will never look at this conflict and its black and white participants the same way again! The Foreword is by African-American educator and artist, Gregory Newson.


PLEASE NOTE: The hardcover has a different cover, same interior. Cover painting on paperback is by Gregory Newson.


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"Everything You Were Taught About African-Americans and the Civil War is Wrong"

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