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Heroes of the Southern Confederacy

An Illustrated Book of Confederate Officials, Soldiers, and Civilians


By Lochlainn Seabrook 

325 pages 


If eyes are the windows to the soul, then Lochlainn Seabrook’s artistic literary work, Heroes of the Southern Confederacy, is a glimpse into the very heart of the Old South. With some 1,200 antique photographs and drawings of Confederate individuals, this important visual work humanizes the traditional 19th-Century Southerner, thereby increasing the reader’s understanding of the Confederacy and her people: who they were, what they believed, and why they fought.


Contemplate the faces, expressions, and clothing of hundreds of men, women, and children in this unique “you-are-there” style book that brings home the realities of Left-wing U.S. President Abraham Lincoln’s attack on the Constitution and the American people - all through rare and faded pictures dating from the Victorian Era (where possible, carefully repaired, cleaned, and enhanced by the author). 


Feel the pathos of the antebellum, bellum, and postbellum periods come alive as you peruse the searing portraits of traditional Southerners who endured one of the world’s bloodiest, most destructive, and unnecessary conflicts. 


Some 156 years after the Confederates stacked arms at Appomattox Court House, the same courage, perseverance, and American values that carried these rugged individuals through Lincoln’s War has reignited patriotic, nationwide interest in the Confederate Flag, with a whole new generation now once again supporting the Southern Cause (conservatism). 


  • Includes images of 430 Confederate generals and a complete list of all 474 Confederate generals (most officially confirmed, some not), as well as images of an assortment of both Confederate civilians and lower-ranked Confederate soldiers (many still unidentified). Additionally, the author has provided a detailed introduction, a comprehensive index, an exhaustive bibliography, footnotes, and educational appendices. 


  • An enjoyable browse for casual readers and Civil War buffs alike. For more serious students of history, such as historians, researchers, genealogists, Southern heritage interpreters, educators, living history actors, lecturers, sutlers, costume designers, and Civil War reenactors, this unique “picture book” provides and preserves not only significant historical images, but supplemental information on the Confederate cabinet, the Confederate ranking system, and absorbing biographical details on Confederates from every walk of life.


Purpose of this book:

What this book is meant to be: A straightforward volume preserving some of the photographs, drawings, illustrations, and various other images (whatever their original condition) from the 1800s and early 1900s of Confederate people—before they are lost to history.


What this book is not meant to be: An elaborate, all-inclusive, biographical encyclopedia of every known Confederate officer and soldier, including high quality images, as well as the details of their lives from birth to death—such as their birthplaces, burial locations, spouses’ names, children’s names, or the armies, corps, divisions, brigades, and regiments they belonged to.


  • Please Note: The illustrations in this book are quite aged—some over 150 years old—and so should not be expected to match the breathtakingly clear high resolution images found in many of today’s publications.


All text copyright © Sea Raven Press  - Has nine 5 star reviews on Amazon ;) 


About the Author: Lochlainn Seabrook is a seasoned historian who’s written over 50 books on the American Civil War, is a winner of the prestigious Jefferson Davis Historical Gold Medal and a Kentucky Colonel. He is one of the most prolific, multi-genre, non-fiction authors in the world today.

"Heroes of the Southern Confederacy"

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