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"Jesus and the Law of Attraction: The Bible-Based Guide to Creating Perfect Health, Wealth, and Happiness Following Christ's Simple Formula"


By Lochlainn Seabrook - 528 pages - illustrated


Lochlainn Seabrook has provided us with a comprehensive, one-of-a-kind guide that will forever alter the way you view Jesus and His earthly mission, while giving you the power to transform your life mentally, physically, and spiritually. The Foreword is by New York Times bestselling author Dannion Brinkley Saved by the Light, who calls Seabrook's work a "masterpiece."


Lavishly illustrated with dozens of enlightening images and captions, Jesus and the Law of Attraction bridges the gap between faith and science, the mainstream Church and New Thought Theology, and fundamentalist Christianity and mystical Christianity.


With over 3,000 endnotes and some 30,000 Bible citations and scriptural references, this exhaustively researched and well documented book explores Jesus' amazing but suppressed teachings on what has been called "the Secret," "the Pearl of Great Price," and "the Mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God." Known among prehistoric peoples and embraced in historic times by thousands of the most brilliant men and women to have ever lived, this "Hidden Wisdom of God in a mystery" is none other than the universal and eternal spiritual-scientific principle that "like attracts like," what we now call the Law of Attraction. 


Culled directly from the Bible's original Good News (which Jesus revealingly called not "the Gospel of Jesus" but "the Gospel of the Kingdom"), Colonel Seabrook unveils Christ's truth about human divinity and our divine powers, providing in-depth, step-by-step instructions on how to make the Law of Attraction work for you in every area of your life. The author utilizes canonical, as well as apocryphal and noncanonical texts, to explain the Law in detailed but easy-to-understand terms, so that anyone can begin using Jesus' LOA principles to alter their conditions, experiences, and circumstances.


Chapter topics include the Law of Attraction and love, happiness, relationships, work, abundance, money, health, the Afterlife, healing dis-ease, and a mind-boggling chapter on Jesus' method of treating cancer without medications, radiation, or surgery!


Jesus and the Law of Attraction also contains an academic section that includes a comprehensive glossary of the Bible's mystical words and phrases, a list of early teachers and practitioners of the Law, and an extensive discussion on why the mainstream Christian Church covered up the Lord's teachings on the LOA to begin with. Written not just for Christians, but for non-Christians, skeptics, and even nonbelievers as well, this life-altering blockbuster is a treasure trove of invaluable spiritual knowledge, dug from the archives of the Ancient Wisdom and Jesus' secret teachings.


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"Jesus and the Law of Attraction"

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