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"Nathan Bedford Forrest and African-Americans: Yankee Myth, Confederate Fact"


  • By Lochlainn Seabrook 
  • 126 pages 
  • Illustrated 


Description: According to Yankee historians, Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest was a vicious redneck who detested blacks, beat his slaves, refused to fight alongside African-Americans, killed black Union soldiers on sight, committed a racist massacre at the Battle of Fort Pillow, and founded and led the Ku Klux Klan in an attempt to rid the South of blacks. Actually, the opposite is true. But Liberals, anti-South writers, and pro-North educators have done their best to make sure you never find out.


Now all of that's changed! In this book, Forrest scholar, and unreconstructed Southern historian, Lochlainn Seabrook, reveals the facts about the great Confederate chieftain that have been suppressed for 150 years, debunking these and other Yankee myths that were long ago invented in order to taint Forrest's reputation, demean the South, and hide the truth about Lincoln's War from the public. 


  • The author's generously illustrated, clearly written work examines the five primary myths associated with Forrest and African-Americans, from the General's alleged racism and his treatment of slaves, to his attitude toward black Confederates and his real relationship with the original KKK.


  • The reader will learn, for example, that Forrest, while possessed of the characteristic European-American values and views of his day, was far from the monstrous bigot portrayed in our history books, and that he was, as he himself put it, "a friend of the colored race," one who treated his slaves with respect and humanity, freed them long before Lincoln's fake and illegal Emancipation Proclamation, enlisted 45 of them in his cavalry, and hand-picked seven to be his personal armed guards. 


  • Of his loyal and brave African-American soldiers Forrest publicly said: "These boys stayed with me for the entire war. Better Confederates did not live."


  • We also learn that there was no "racist massacre" at the Battle of Fort Pillow, that Forrest was neither the founder or the Grand Wizard of the KKK, that the Civil War Klan was not a racist organization (but an anti-carpetbag group with no connection to the modern KKK), and that thousands of African-Americans not only supported and even assisted the Civil War KKK, there was also an all-black Ku Klux Klan in Nashville, Tennessee.


This one-of-a-kind book blows the lid off the Yankee myths about Nathan Bedford Forrest and African-Americans


  • Includes an index, bibliography, reference notes, and a comprehensive appendices section. 


​​​​​​​ISBN: 9781943737253

Nathan Bedford Forrest and African-Americans

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