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"Rise Up and Call Them Blessed: Victorian Tributes to the Confederate Soldier 1861-1865"


By Lochlainn Seabrook

596 pages; Illustrated

Beautifully designed and printed on 50 lb. creme paper


Covering the mid to late Victorian period, Colonel Seabrook, a leading authority on Southern culture, has carefully selected excerpts from some 300 letters, speeches, reminiscences, personal observations, anecdotes, stories, and official reports (military and civilian), that fill in the many blank spaces left by Yankee historians.  


Generously illustrated and comprehensively researched, this book reveals what Northern histories of the War have been studiously avoiding for the past 150 years: The South was not treasonous in leaving the Union; at that time secession was a legal act of true conservatism and patriotism. The South did not take up arms over slavery; she fought to preserve the original government of the Founding Fathers. The South did not detest the black man; instead he was welcomed into the Southern armies with the promise of emancipation at war’s end.  


The Southern soldier was not held in disregard by Union officers; Federal heroes such as Grant, Sherman, and Sheridan, in fact, were in awe of them. Victorian Yankees, like Lincoln’s son Robert Todd Lincoln, actually promoted the establishment of Southern monuments in the North, while U.S. presidents like Theodore Roosevelt took every opportunity to heap praise upon the Southern soldier.  


President McKinley went as far as to declare that it is the responsibility of all Americans to care for the graves of the Southern dead.  These and a thousand other suppressed facts are fully revealed here in the words of Southerners themselves, first-hand accounts offering complete justification for the South’s behavior before, during, and after Lincoln’s War.

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"Rise Up and Call Them Blessed"

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