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Blank Page Journal 
150 pages - paperback


Content: Blank page journal/diary
Subject: journals/diaries/notebooks
Size: 5.5” x 8.5”
Length: 150 pages
Cover: paperback/softcover/matte finish.


We include 150 blank pages that provide for all your creative needs, from journaling, note-taking, doodling, poetry, and musings, to drawing, travelogueing, brainstorming, planning, and list-making. Unlined sheets and unnumbered pages allow for the free flow of ideas, both intellectual and artistic. Fine art nature photos on the covers inspire while beautifying your environment. Our high-quality, acid-free, 50 lb. book grade opaque creme paper is durable, making it suitable for both pencil and pen, while on our covers we use 80 lb. card stock that strengthens the exterior and protects the interior.

Sea Raven Press Journal

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