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"Secrets of Celebrity Surnames: An Onamastic Dictionary of Famous People"


By Lochlainn Seabrook

Illustrated - 314 pages - ISBN 9781955351324 (red paperback) & 9781955351331 (black hardcover)

Have you ever wondered what their surnames mean or where they originated? Now you can discover the answer for yourself in Secrets of Celbrity Surnames. In this one-of-a-kind illustrated reference book (one known as an onomasticon), the author combines both his 45 year expertise in etymology and his lifelong multi-field background in the entertainment industry to explore the fascinating and often surprising significance of the surnames of nearly 1,300 world famous luminaries.

The popular individuals he’s selected for inclusion derive from nearly every realm of human endeavor, including actors, politicians, TV personalities, artists, classical composers, scientists, inventors, writers, sports figures, models, modern musicians, poets, astronauts, military officers, film directors, physicists, anthropologists, philosophers, comedians, dancers, astronomers, explorers, news anchors, entrepreneurs, health and fitness teachers, social media influencers, and more.

Rounding out this intriguing cornucopia of surname information, Mr. Seabrook aids the reader by including not only spelling variations for most names, but an explanatory introduction, helpful notes, a complete celebrity surname index, a detailed glossary, and a comprehensive bibliography. Altogether a fun, absorbing, and educational read. Addiction warning: Once you pick up this book you won’t be able to put it down!

"Secrets of Celebrity Surnames"

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