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The Alexander H. Stephens Reader

Excerpts from the Works of a Confederate Founding Father


By Lochlainn Seabrook - 1,050 pages - Illustrated


Conveniently divided into two sections, Col. Seabrook devotes thirty heavily footnoted chapters to selections from the vice president’s enormous output of personal and public letters, speeches, official testimony, recollections, responses to critics, and literary works. The period covered is from 1836 to 1881, with the last half of the book dedicated to excerpts from Stephens’ deservedly renowned two-volume tome, A Constitutional View of the Late War Between the States, published in 1868 and 1870.Col. Seabrook’s unique work provides us with something of inestimable value: the Truth about Lincoln’s War on the South and the Constitution. 


From Stephens’ own pen and lips we get not only a rare look at the Southern perspective of the War, but also the governmental history of the formation of our great “Confederated Republic,” as George Washington called the U.S.A. We also learn of the Founding Fathers’ struggle to forge a workable constitution, the early battle between Southern conservatives and Northern liberals over the ideas of limited and big government, and the honest facts about the Southern and Union Causes, and the American “Civil War” - our country's second Revolutionary War of Secession.


At the end of Chapter Thirty, the reader is left with only one conclusion; the very one that strict constitutionalist Stephens, a brilliant lawyer, writer, and orator, spent the entire last half of his life evangelizing: because secession literally gave birth to the U.S.A. in 1776 and is tacitly guaranteed in the Constitution (Tenth Amendment), it is still legal to this day. Thus, the “Civil War” was an illicit and unwarranted conflict and Abraham Lincoln was a war criminal.


Note: The light blue cover is the hardcover. 


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"The Alexander H. Stephens Reader"

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