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"The Blakeneys: An Etymological, Ethnological, and Genealogical Study"


By Lochlainn Seabrook - 404 pages - Illustrated Hardcover 


Over a decade in the making, The Blakeneys: An Etymological, Ethnological, and Genealogical Study, by award-winning historian Colonel Lochlainn Seabrook, is the most detailed work ever undertaken on the origins and meaning of the Blakeney surname and family; a classic that will fascinate, educate, and enlighten for generations to come.This international bestselling chronicle includes not only a comprehensive exploration of the family’s beginnings and name, but also a complete Blakeney family tree (beginning with Willihelm de Blakenia, born about 1150), an exhaustive Blakeney Surname Dictionary (that includes all related names), dozens of illustrations, the family crest and motto, articles on Blakeney Point (Norfolk) and Lord William Blakeney (1672-1761), information concerning the Blakeney-Blakley Family Association of Canada and the Castleblakeney Development Committee of Ireland, and an in-depth bibliography and index. Col. Seabrook’s The Blakeneys is a must-have for every Blakeney family member, relation, friend, and researcher.


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The Blakeneys

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