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"The Book of Kelle: Goddess-Worship and the Great Celtic Mother-Goddess Kelle"


By Lochlainn Seabrook - 150 pages - Illustrated


It has long been held by most theologians, anthropologists, and educators that the world has never experienced pure Goddess-worship. In particular they deny that it ever existed in the British Isles. In fact, the exact reverse is true. For the vast majority of the islands' history, the veneration of a female Supreme Being (Mother-Goddess) was the only religion known. Indeed, the concept of a male deity (Father-God) did not arise in Europe until the Early Neolithic Age (4,500 BCE).


As award-winning author Lochlainn Seabrook readily shows in his brief but important academic work, proof of Anglo-Celtic Goddess-worship is overwhelming and plentiful. The nations of Britain, Ireland, and Scotland themselves, for example, were all named after goddesses, as were many of their rivers, islands, towns, hills, and mountains. 


Reinforcing this evidence is the fact that many surrounding countries and regions also take their names from female deities. Among these we have Italy, Holland, Denmark, Crete, Malta, Albania, and Scandinavia, just to name a few. Europe herself is named after a goddess, as is our planet, and even our universe.


After a preliminary examination of these topics, Col. Seabrook devotes the final section of his book to the Goddess Kelle, who gave her name to her most ardent followers: the Kelts or Celts. Known by poets as "the Blessed Lady of Ireland," Kelle's story is a rich and fascinating one; one that the author traces back to early Asia, where she is still worshiped to this day as the Goddess Kali. "The Book of Kelle" is an information packed introductory guide to thealogy (female religion), and in particular European goddess-worship, that all those interested in religion will want on their shelf. 


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"The Book of Kelle"

  • The hardcover version has the same cover but the color is slate blue.

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