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"The Concise Book of Owls: A Guide to Nature's Most Mysterious Birds" 


By Lochlainn Seabrook - 150 pages - Illustrated


What makes owls unique among our planet's 10,000 bird species? The Concise Book of Owls, by award-winning author, Lochlainn Seabrook, readily answers this and many other questions about these enchanting beneficial birds!


Packed with fascinating details that are often overlooked by other natural history writers, this brief but informative work includes 11 chapters on the ecology and life history of owls, covering such topics as the basics of owl science, (vision, hearing, plumage, etc.), owls in superstition, religion, and literature, finding and identifying owls, and owl and habitat conservation.


The book also contains a detailed field guide of the 20 owl species found in the U.S. and Canada, with each entry listing the species' common and scientific names, identifying traits, range, habitat, vocalizations, nesting habits, diet, hunting methods, predators, population, life span, and similar species.


Densely illustrated with nearly 200 pictures, consisting of 20 color photos of these majestic birds, numerous beautiful color illustrations and black-and-white drawings. The author also includes a complete list of the world's 236 owl species, an extensive bibliography (with suggested reading material), and a comprehensive index of every owl referenced in the book.  


Written in the author’s usual lucid and compact yet educational style, this family-friendly Guide to Nature's Most Mysterious Birds is a must-have for owl-lovers, birders, and birdwatchers. 
Endorsed by the World Bird Sanctuary in Valley Park Missouri. 


About the Author: A former zoo keeper, ranch hand, and hunting guide, outdoorsman Lochlainn Seabrook has written 60+ books ranging in scope from science and nature to history and religion. He is the author of The Concise Book of Tigers and North America's Amazing Mammals: An Encyclopedia for the Whole Family.  


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"The Concise Book of Owls"

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