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The Concise Book of Tigers: A Guide to Nature's Most Remarkable Cats

By Lochlainn Seabrook - 150 pages; Illustrated paperback


This brief but informative work, on what the author calls tigerology,” contains 11 in-depth chapters that cover the complete ecology and life history of tigers. Topics include the basics of tiger science (vision, hearing, coloration, vocalizations, etc.); tigers in superstition, religion, and literature; where to see tigers; how to identify them; and tiger and habitat conservation. The book also contains a detailed field guide of the currently recognized 12 tiger subspecies (six living, six extinct) found across Eurasia, with each entry listing the subspecies' common and scientific names, identifying traits, distribution, habitat, feeding and hunting habits, enemies, population, life span, conservation status, and comments by the author.


Densely illustrated with 150 color photos and black-and-white drawings, Seabrook also includes a complete list of the world’s 41 felids, an extensive bibliography (with suggested reading material), and a comprehensive index of every cat referenced in the book. Written in the author's usual lucid and compact yet educational style, this family friendly Guide to Nature's Most Remarkable Cats is a must-have for tiger lovers, tiger-watchers, and animal lovers in general. A wonderfully unique addition to the nature writing genre, with its emphasis on tiger conservancy, The Concise Book of Tigers is a treasure trove for tigriphiles. 


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"The Concise Book of Tigers"

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