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"The Divine Three Manual: ow to Heal Yourself Safely and Simply Using Earth's Natural Resources"


By Jay and Faye Gutierrez - 150 pages - Illustrated


If you're suffering from an illness and are interested in natural therapies, then you need to read The Divine Three Manual. In this small but information packed book, Faye Gutierrez and the late Jay Gutierrez share their vast knowledge of natural healing using what they call the "Divine Three Protocol." 


An amalgamation of natural radiation hormesis, mineral rich water, and internal cleansing, the Divine Three Protocol is a safe, scientifically proven, and inexpensive method of treating everything from minor aches and pain to heart problems and cancer. No drugs, no surgery! Medicine Woman Faye, owner of Night Hawk Minerals in Pritchett, Colorado, has joined forces with Raphael d'Angelo M.D. (of ParaWellness Research), his wife Nancy d'Angelo (of Julia Rose Botanicals), and Walt and Kathy Merriman (of Water Divine), in a successful effort to alleviate various ailments and diseases - not only in people, but in pets and livestock as well. 


In this easy-to-read book they invite you to open up your heart, mind, and spirit to the amazing possibilities of earth's natural medicines. Also available in hardcover. Medicine Man Jay is the coauthor of The Hormesis Effect: The Miraculous Healing Power of Radioactive Stones, with Jane G. Goldberg, Ph.D.


Genre: Alternative Health

"The Divine Three Manual"

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