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"The Goddess Dictionary of Words and Phrases"


By Lochlainn Seabrook  - 250 pages - Illustrated 


This is a female empowering, educational compendium of vital information regarding the universal deity known for thousands of years around the globe as "Goddess." The author begins his exploration with the view that both the language of the Bible and modern English are androcentric in nature. In an effort to correct this imbalance, he invites us to include old and new feminine terms in our lexicon. As such, this unique spiritual work focuses specifically on various male-dominant or patriarchal words, expressions, and maxims, from ancient to modern times.

The author has taken these and feminized them, a process that has created a new core vocabulary of feministic Goddess-oriented words and phrases. His intellectual word play and verbal inventions comprise what could rightfully be called "new old" words and phrases.


That is, he has taken the God-based wording of our current male-dominant vocabulary and simply returned it to its probable original prehistoric feminine form. As chronicled in the archaeological record, after the Patriarchal Takeover (which began c. 4300 B.C.), misogynistic priests masculinized them, suppressing the original female versions.


The Goddess Dictionary of Words and Phrases allows these ancient silenced expressions, dedicated to the Great Mother - known in Syria as Mari, in Greece as Myrrha, in ancient Rome as Maria, in early Egypt as Meri, in Babylonia as Marratu, in Israel as Marah, in India as Kel-Mari, in Buddhism as Mara, in Scandinavia as Maerin, in the British Isles as Maid Marian, and in Christianity as Mary - to be brought back to life. For those interested in comparative religion and myth, the author includes copious material on the relationships between numerous Judeo-Christian and Pagan figures, doctrines, myths, symbols, and rituals.


This is an important scholarly reference book for anyone interested in thealogy (feminine spirituality), matriarchal and patriarchal language, and prehistoric religion. This heavily illustrated work also includes an exhaustive index, a comprehensive bibliography, and a detailed introduction that briefly covers the history of the Matriarchate and the rise of the Patriarchate. 


"The Goddess Dictionary of Words and Phrases"

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