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"The Greatest Jesus Mystery of All Time"

Where Was Christ Between the Ages of 12 and 30?


By Lochlainn Seabrook - 186 pages - Illustrated


If you’re a Christian, or if you’re simply interested in the history of the Christian Church, you’ve probably wondered why the ancient authors of the New Testament left out any mention of Jesus’ whereabouts during His teens and twenties, the all-important developmental years when adolescents transform into adults, get an education, begin work, get married, and have children. This entire piece of Jesus’ life story has been omitted from the Bible, leaving us with an incomplete biography of the most beloved and well-known figure in world history.In his fascinating and informative book, "The Greatest Jesus Mystery of All Time."


Christian Bible scholar and award-winning historian Lochlainn Seabrook provides an in-depth examination of this lost, perhaps even censored, historical span known as “The Missing Years of Jesus.” As this 2,000 year old enigma unfolds the author discusses various theories on why the four Evangelists might have “ignored” this 18 year period, why the Church may not have wanted this information published, and more importantly, where Jesus might have been during this time.Mr. Seabrook brings to light vital clues and compelling evidence, from both biblical and extrabiblical material, showing that Jesus most likely spent many of his “Silent Years” in Central Asia, where to this day—from Pakistan to China, from India to Mongolia—there is a widespread traditional belief that Christ traveled across the region in his teens and twenties, studying and teaching under various Buddhist, Hindu, and Tibetan spiritual masters.


To support these theories Mr. Seabrook includes the complete transcript of an ancient Buddhist manuscript purported to have been written in the years following Jesus’ death, which details the Master’s time in such countries as India, Nepal, and Tibet. The author, a comparative religionist, does not claim to have irrefutable proof, but rather presents his findings clearly and objectively, allowing the reader to decide.Also included is an introduction, source notes, index, and an extensive bibliography, making this a must-read for all serious students of Jesus, Christianity, and history.


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The Greatest Jesus Mystery of All Time

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