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"The Quotable Nathan Bedford Forrest"


By Lochlainn Seabrook - 130 pages - Illustrated 


Among the nearly 140 footnoted quotes included here are Forrest’s thoughts on warfare, military rules, West Point graduates, education, friendship, and even drinking, gambling, cussing, and morality.  Seabrook, the author of the popular bestseller, A Rebel Born: A Defense of Nathan Bedford Forrest, has also included excerpts from newspaper interviews, Forrest’s postwar appearance before the U.S. Joint Select Committee, and numerous examples of the General’s personal notes and letters and, of course, his military dispatches and reports.  Much of what Forrest said was never written down but was recorded from the memory of those who associated with him.  Particularly poignant is the inclusion of Forrest’s black equal rights speech to the Independent Order of Pole Bearers, the forerunner of the modern NAACP, chronicled by a local reporter.From the General’s own words we learn that he was not an “illiterate inbred hillbilly,” a “monstrous racist,” or a “cruel and violent slave owner,” as the North and New South disingenuously continue to preach.  


Quite the opposite.  He was not only, as Confederate General Richard Taylor said of him, a “tender-hearted, kindly man,” he was also a true Southern gentleman, a fair and compassionate Rebel officer, a successful businessman, and a faithful husband who loved children, protected women, and gave charitably to war veterans, orphans, and widows.  A staunch supporter of both states’ rights and black civil rights, one who freed his slaves years before Abraham Lincoln issued his fraudulent Emancipation Proclamation, unlike the North, conservative Southerner Forrest stood firmly behind our country’s most sacred document, the Constitution—before, during, and after Lincoln’s War.The Quotable Nathan Bedford Forrest is a brief but important work that, like Seabrook’s many other books on the General, will introduce him to new readers, help destroy the numerous absurd and slanderous Northern myths surrounding him, and bring him out of the shadows and into the mainstream of American history where he justly belongs.  Obscured for the past 150 years, now discover the real man for yourself - in his own words.


PLEASE NOTE: The hardcover's front cover is in red.

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"The Quotable Nathan Bedford Forrest"

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