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By Jefferson Davis

Vol 1 and 2 - Paperback Reprints


Description: Vol 1 is 796 pages. Vol 2 is 912 pages. There is only one person in history who knows the full true story of the South and the so-called American “Civil War.” That person is the man who led the Confederate states for four bloody years against the implacable military machine that was the U.S. army; an army three to four times the size of the South’s and which possessed unlimited funding, men, and supplies. That individual was the noble, honorable, brilliant, and heroic Jefferson Davis, Mexican war veteran, respected Mississippi Congressman, esteemed Secretary of War under U.S. President Franklin Pierce, and revered President of the Confederate States of America.

Though he passed away in 1889, nearly a century and a half ago, fortunately for posterity Davis preserved what he called “the truth, the whole truth” in 1881. It was that year that he published his masterpiece The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government, a magnificent two-volume work in which he provides the real history (as opposed to the fake history fabricated by the alethophobic Left) behind the secession of the Southern states and the formation of the C.S.A. 
The president’s elaborate and accurate battle accounts, along with his factual and detailed descriptions of the complex sociopolitical events that led to disunion, war, and surrender, make this illustrated, Southern classic the most important book ever written on early American politico-military history.Up until now, if you wanted to read Davis’ book, your choice would have been mainly between slapdash reproductions and various online, difficult-to-read, digitized versions, both which have been known to come with expurgated text and missing illustrations, and occasionally virulent anti-South commentary as well.Sea Raven Press has changed all that with our publication of a true facsimile reprint of Davis’ The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government. 


  • Lovingly compiled, respectfully edited, and beautifully designed by award-winning author-historian-artist Col. Lochlainn Seabrook, our photographic reproduction maintains the full integrity of the original 1881 edition, the reader’s guarantee that nothing has been censored or altered in any way.In addition to a faithful reprint of the full and unredacted original edition of Davis’ book, Col. Seabrook generously includes an Editor’s Notes, an Editor’s Preface, an Editor’s Introduction that supply additional context to the president’s writings. 


Along with these extras, he also includes a “Davis Photo Album,” with dozens of rare Victorian images and illustrations of the Confederate chief executive and his family members, homes, and memorials.Our facsimile reprint of Davis’ opus magnum is the only one of its kind, and is sure to become the benchmark by which all past and future reproductions and reprints will be measured. A must-read for all patriots, this book will permanently change the way you look at not only Davis and the War for Southern Independence, but America itself, the U.S. Constitution, states’ rights, and the Founding Fathers. In our ongoing crusade to preserve genuine Southern history, we are proud to offer this attractive reproduction. Will post hardcover set by the end of 2023. 
 Vol 1 ISBN 9781955351225 + Vol 2 ISBN 9781955351249

"The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government" Vol 1 & 2

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