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"We Called Him Jeb: James Ewell Brown Stuart As He Was Seen By His Contemporaries"


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  • By Lochlainn Seabrook 
  • Illustrated Paperback 
  • 338 pages
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During the War for the Constitution (1861-1865) the Southern armies could boast of dozens of dazzling and accomplished cavalry leaders, all of them both adored by their faithful troopers and the envy of the Yankee high command.


One of those who was on everyone’s list of favorites was celebrated Confederate General James Ewell Brown Stuart (better known by his initials, Jeb), a highly esteemed, swashbuckling officer from Virginia; a knightly Scottish-American daredevil who wore an ostentatious ostrich plume in his hat, rode into battle singing to banjo music, wrote humorous poems to his warhorses, was followed everywhere he went by adoring female admirers, and invented new and still globally discussed military strategies. Just who was this eccentric larger-than-life West Point graduate, still widely revered 160 years after his death? 

What is the full true story behind this former U.S. officer, devout Christian conservative, and young father of three, whose lighthearted attitude and love of extravagant haute couture provided continual amusement and good cheer to his war-weary soldiers? 
Who was this courageous American patriot and brilliant Southern military tactician who left the Union with his state for the righteous causes of freedom, constitutionalism, states’ rights, and restricted government? Award-winning historian Lochlainn Seabrook answers all of these questions and more in his densely illustrated work, We Called Him Jeb: James Ewell Brown Stuart as He Was Seen by His Contemporaries, a comprehensive compilation of biographical studies, personal observations, and military recollections from those who knew him, fought with him, and worked with him during his short but meteoric life—which was tragically cut short at the Battle of Yellow Tavern in May 1864. 
Included are reminiscences and comments by Southerners, Northerners, European-Americans, African-Americans, men, women, teens, and foreigners. Adding interest and scope to his book, Seabrook supplies an introduction, over 300 source notes, an extensive index, a bibliography, and several informative appendices. All text copyright © Sea Raven Press 


About the Author: Lochlainn Seabrook is a seasoned historian who’s written over 50 books on the American Civil War, is a winner of the prestigious Jefferson Davis Historical Gold Medal and a Kentucky Colonel. He is one of the most prolific, multi-genre, non-fiction authors in the world today.

We Called Him Jeb: James Ewell Brown Stuart As He Was Seen By His Contemporaries

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